SMB’s Are Adopting ERP Technology – WHY?

 Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) face a number of challenges in todays marketplace.

Under pressure to remain competitive while cutting costs, SMBs adopt ERP systems to:

  1. diversify their business models,
  2. enable descriptive and predictive analytics, and
  3. improve supply chain operations.

Furthermore, SMBs have less tolerance for drawnout implementation projects and continuous ERP consulting spend to configure and adapt their systems. To address these challenges, ERP vendors invest in industryspecific ERP packages, selfservice tooling for extensibility and analytics, and solutions to support HR and Sales. As the footprint of an ERP system within an organisation grows, so too does the potential value and risk. SMBs must consider the hidden costs of an ERP system as part of their evaluation, such as data storage, customisation, training, and maintenance.

Read the full report from Isaac Gould of Nucleus Research here.