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Enhancing Your Epicor Solution

There are a number of ways that Aspera can work with you to boost and enhance the functionality of your core ERP solution.

Depending on your implementation, customisations, strategy and goals, options might include:

Get in touch for specific details on how any of the above could benefit your business.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting Solutions

Aspera Solutions has experience in the delivery of numerous business intelligence and reporting solutions, including:

Advanced Financial Analysis though FastClose

FastClose is a reporting solution with built-in understanding of the structure of your Epicor platform out of the box. It installs and can be delivering value against your own data in under 40 minutes. With different tools for different types of user, FastClose also integrates with both Excel and Power BI.


Boasting an interface geared towards users (usually accountants), who know what they need, but may not know their way around the ERP database, FastClose allows them to design and build complex reports to their exacting needs, without help from IT.

Aspera Solutions ERP Knowledge Leader

Epicor Financial Planner

Advanced budgeting and modelling with Epicor Financial Planner

Epicor Financial Planner is a complete and reliable financial planning and analysis solution that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your ERP system. Its implementation will help you to align departments around shared objectives, simplify resource allocation and monitor/control operations by generating accruals, budgets, reports and live forecasts quickly.

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA)

What is EDA?

EDA (powered by Phocas) helps companies turn the data held within their Epicor system into actionable insights through data visualisation.

Non-technical users have instant access to data, taking them from easy-to-read dashboards to lightning-fast grids and detailed transactions in a few clicks or taps.

With deeper insights into potentially massive amounts of their current and historical data, companies can grow by reducing cost, identifying new opportunities, supporting specific programs, and speeding up decision-making

Contact us for more information.

Forecast Pro

Forecast Pro is a flexible and comprehensive forecast management system that allows businesses to efficiently manage, monitor and improve the forecast process. Designed specifically for business forecasters, it has an intuitive quick-access interface and includes the ability to work in multiple units of measure, and create multiple output formats. It facilitates team collaboration, integrates easily with databases and corporate systems, allows for forecast V actual reporting and includes a wide range of forecasting models.


Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) and Power BI

Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) and Power BI, drill down into live Epicor ERP data to generate visually rich charts that deepen everyone’s understanding of the data. Contact us for more information.

Epicor Data Discovery (EDD)
Power BI

Business Integration & Workflow Solutions

The beauty of an ERP system is that it integrates all the disparate functions within your business to create a single, centralised, data architecture. But what is the point of having all that data if you don’t know how to integrate it with other key functions in your business?

That’s where business integration tools such as EPICOR AUTOMATION STUDIO and CODELESS PLATFORMS BPA Platform come in!

Get in touch to learn how Aspera’s integration experience could transform your operations.

Epicor Automation Studio

With Epicor Automation Studio you can integrate your Epicor products and automate workflows end-to-end across your apps, data and teams.

Connect your Epicor platform to more than 1,000 external app connectors, such as Salesforce, ADP, and ServiceNow.

Benefit from Automation Studio’s continual machine learning analysis of the 400,000+ community recipes (automations) to help you make your own recipes

Codeless Platforms BPA Platform
Codeless Platforms BPA Platform

Aspera Solutions has considerable experience in using the Codeless, BPA Platform to integrate Epicor with other on-premise,  or cloud-based applications.

Common Epicor ERP software integration scenarios include:
  • Accounting, CRM and warehouse management integration
  • eCommerce integration and automated order management processing
  • Integration with an industry specific or bespoke application e.g. Supplier/customer database
  • Automate the importation and management of customer data, vendor information, Bills of Material, routings, and GL chart of accounts
  • Courier service integration and automated fulfilment processing
  • Automate order processing, purchase order approvals and payment processing
  • Automatically import and export all sales orders between systems.

Get in touch for more information.

Product Configuration with Epicor CPQ

Epicor has over 10,000 customers using CPQ to:

  • Automate the engineer-to-order process from shopping cart to shop floor.
  • Immerse buyers in the sales process with 3D product configuration and augmented reality
  • Respond to RFP’s ore quickly than competitors

Get in touch to learn more from Aspera Solutions.

Improve Data Collection - on the Shopfloor and In the Warehouse

Prepare your warehouse and shop floor operations for a new era of productivity with EPICOR ADVANCED MES and EPICOR KINETIC WAREHOUSE (EKW)

  • App downloadable on Google Play store
  • Handheld scanning capabilities
  • Processes shipping & receive directly from handheld device 
  • Numerous materials management capabilities
  • Customised picking / transaction queries
  • Tracking (scan, bin lot, part, serial number, order, etc)
  • Optimised workflow
  • Increased accuracy
  • Native android application
  • Improved warehouse organisation
Aspera Solutions ERP Knowledge Leader

Epicor Advanced MES

Eliminate Shop Floor Production and Quality Efficiency Issues with Epicor Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • How do you make more without more assets?
  • How do you improve quality and reduce scrap?

Use Advanced MES to help uncover and eliminate production and quality issues through Industry 4.0 technologies such as cyber physical systems and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. 

Collect data directly from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real time, minimising inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection. 
Make better decisions with analytics you can trust. 
Get in touch to learn more.

Epicor Kinetic Warehouse

Epicor Kinetic Warehouse

What is EKW?

With an intuitive modern user interface, native android functionality, real-time and seamless integration with Epicor ERP, Epicor Kinetic Warehouse (EKW) is a mobile-first warehouse and inventory management system.

EKW gives you unprecedented control over, and insight into, your core business operations

  • Complex sorting and filtering options
  • Configurable scan validation
  • Shortcut favourites
  • Part level validation
  • Automated workflows triggered by scan events

Get in touch to learn more.

CAD / PLM Integration

Significant advantages can be realised when Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are tightly integrated within your ERP solution. Aspera has considerable experience with the CAD/PLM integrations that deliver shorter time frames, less errors, improved collaboration and more accurate costings. Contact us to learn how CADlink could make your life easier.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Epicor can be integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), to deliver smart enterprise content management, document management, automated Accounts Payable, and electronic forms technology that reduces costs and gains control over documents.

  1. Automated Data Entry: Automatically capture, classify, index, and route key data from scanned or imported documents using Intelligent Data Capture software.
  2. Paperless Workflow: Eliminate manual paper processes with advanced workflow technology. 
  3. Work from Anywhere: Whether working remotely or in the office, empower your workforce to securely access content anytime, from any modern browser.

Contact us to learn how Aspera’s document and content management solutions could support your business.


Requisition Management (ARM)

Epicor Advanced Requisition Management elevates your organisation out of traditional purchasing methods into a web-based solution that delivers significant savings, streamlined procurement, bi-directional communication with suppliers and an intuitive interface. Get in touch to learn how Epicor ARM could make your life easier.