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6 Ways to access EPICOR remotely

As your Epicor partner, Aspera Solutions is here to offer you ERP assistance and advice that will support you through the current turmoil and prepare you for growth and productivity post Covid-19.

With many of us working from home, we thought it would be helpful to deliver a list of remote working options for Epicor access.

Irrespective of broadband quality, VPN access or the need to use Epicor from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – the Epicor Everywhere Framework has a solution.

In summary, your options include:

  1. Smart Client over a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Delivering full access to Epicor from a home PC/laptop, this option comes closest to replicating the office environment remotely. It requires stable network connectivity and a company Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  2. Smart Client on a Remote Desktop Server (RDS)
    If network connectivity / bandwidth is an issue for staff that need full Epicor access, then deploying Epicor Smart Client via Remote Desktop Server (RDS) is your ‘go-to’ option.

  3. Epicor Web Access (EWA)
    EWA is a great choice for those that need access to all Epicor Modules, but don’t have a local Smart Client installation. It uses a simple Web URL login page, any available internet connection and is compatible with all common browsers.

  4. Epicor Mobile Access (EMA)
    If you need ‘on the move’ dashboards and access to financial information, then the Epicor Mobile Access module is your answer. Like EWA (above), EMA is compatible with all common browsers.

  5. Information Worker
    The Epicor Information Worker module allows Microsoft Office users to view and update Epicor data directly from within Outlook, Excel and Word, whether they’re online or offline. Great for speeding up productivity.

  6. Epicor Mobile Apps
    Finally, for those on Epicor version 10 and above, Epicor’s mobile apps for CRM, Time and Expense are exceptionally useful. Update orders, record time sheets, upload photo attachments, build activity- based workflows, search inventory and more, directly from the app.

As your ERP partner, Aspera Solutions is at hand to support delivery on any of the options above, so get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything further.

Kindest regards,

Pat Walsh (Operations Manager) &
Tejas Kirtane (Consulting Manager)

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