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Announcing Epicor 10.2.600

Epicor 10.2.600: What's New & Noteworthy?

Announcing Epicro ERP 10.2.600

From remote working and collaboration tools to enhanced data analytics, better user interfaces and new features for finance, logistics and project management; Epicor 10.2.600 delivers a host of updated functionality, but what is worthy of your attention?

Below are some top level Aspera thoughts on what’s new and noteworthy about 10.2.600.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if anything piques your interest, or join the Epicor “What’s New” Webinar on June 18th at 2pm for further details.

Andrew Kehoe

What’s Noteworthy? Epicor Collaborate

“I think the new Collaborate tool will generate significant benefits for customers looking to improve the user experience, improve the bottom line and support a new way of working in the climate of COVID-19. The tool is designed to allow users to collaborate across the platform while also receiving notifications and newsfeeds directly from ERP in a cloud environment.  Great for remote workers and people working from home across the supply chain. 

Two key additions that set this release apart as a collaborative tool, are the new integration to Microsoft Teams and the embedding of EVA (Epicor Virtual Agent).  These enhancements allow users to engage with each other easily across the supply chain (including with third parties) and also to send queries and drive actions in ERP via EVA integration from Collaborate. EVA will reply to queries and carry out instructions from within Collaborate in exactly the way she does from within the EVA mobile app.  I really look forward to seeing these tools used in a live 10.2.600 environment”.

Andrew Kehoe, Senior Solutions Consultant, Aspera

What’s Noteworthy? AR-AP Netting Settlement & Group Electronic VAT Return Reporting are now part of 10.2.600

“At last! Two long standing functional enhancements in the Financial Management module are now part of 10.2.600.

For organisations that share dual trading relationships with other businesses, e.g. a supplier of goods and services also trades as a customer purchasing goods and services and vice versa, the new AR/AP Contra Settlement functionality will improve efficiency and reduce operational costs by consolidating transactions for settlement.

And, for companies that are part of a single legal entity requiring a Group VAT return reporting functionality, Group Electronic VAT Return Reporting can now create and submit a joint summarised VAT return report to the HMRC/Revenue Dept”.

Tejas Kirtane, Consulting Manager, Aspera Solutions

Terjas Kirtane
Graeme Fraser

What’s Noteworthy? BPM Development Tools & Multi-Company Transactions

“From a technical perspective, the fact that BPM’s can be developed as a function within Epicor is a really nice addition to 10.2.600. Functions in BPM’s will only need to be updated once and then used everywhere they’re located in the system, making it a lot easier and quicker to fix any bugs, and they can be sceduled to trigger whenver you want, without the need for BAQ’s and C# code.

It’s also good to see updates to multi-company transactions, making it considerably easier for global companies to send transactions between databases across multiple Epicor environments, irrespective of their geography”.

Graeme Fraser, Technical Services Manager, Aspera Solutions

What’s Noteworthy? Docstar Document Manager

“I focus on what can drive demonstrable time and cost savings within the customer site so for me, the update to Docstar Enterprise Content Management is most noteworthy in 10.2.600. I know a lot of customers that would really benefit from having packaged workflows that capture, validate, route and automate document processing for both accounts payable and sales order entry. The potential for time, cost and sanity savings is really substantial”.

Paul Cartledge, Customer Engagment Manager, Aspera Solutions

Paul Cartledge