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Aspera powering Epicor ERP for Huhtamaki, Lurgan, successful go Live

Huhtamaki experiences benefits from Epicor ERP Implementation powered by Aspera Solutions ….

Huhtamaki has recently gone live with Epicor 10 and we spoke to Joan Esmann, Financial Controller about their experience and thoughts on the Epicor 10 implementation powered by Aspera Solutions.

Huhtamaki in Lurgan is part of the Huhtamaki global group.  The Lurgan plant concentrates on the manufacturing of molded fiber packaging you see every day in shops such as egg cartons.

Here’s what they had to say: –

What were the challenges that Epicor ERP from Aspera Solutions solved?

Our ERP solution solves the diverse and partially outdated ERP landscape within our segment.  Aspera helped us assess and conclude that Epicor was the right solution to standardise on.

Why did you originally choose Epicor ERP?

We initially assessed the Epicor functionality to one of our sites that had the most challenges due to antiquated, unsupported business systems and minimal integration.  Huhtamaki concluded that Epicor would resolve these issues and fostered the local drive and push for the new Epicor ERP system to start the implementation of Epicor in early 2016.

Why did you choose Aspera Solutions to implement your Epicor ERP System?

Aspera proved to us that they listen to, and prioritise their customer’s requirements.  They addressed the needs of our business and throughout the whole implementation provided a platform for partnership.  It was also important to us that they are a certified Epicor partner. 

Huhtamki go-live

from right to left – Harrie Reitsma Huhtamaki Group & Tejas Kirtane Aspera Solutions

What benefits and any specific metrics of these benefits from implementing Epicor ERP that you can share?

We achieved many benefits however if we were to summarise the main benefits since our go live in late 2017 they would be:

  • Better visibility of the numbers right across the business such as customer and product profitability giving us the information we need to achieve our business goals.
  • Increased efficiency across all functions within the business. For example, month end reporting requirements are now met faster leaving our highly skilled team with more time to complete value added analysis.
  • Transparency across the whole organisation leading to real collaboration.

What would you say if asked about Aspera Solutions?

Their experienced consultants demonstrated a high level of knowledge of the Epicor solution. This, together with a focus on their customers’ needs and a desire to deliver on their promise results in the successful implementation and support of Epicor ERP.  

What would you say if asked about the Epicor Product?

Epicor provides a huge range of business benefits which makes Epicor an effective ERP system.  The inter-company function is particularly excellent and will help Huhtamaki improve the way we trade with cross segments.

Huhtamki go-live

Huhtamaki Lurgan Go Live with Epicor ERP powered by Aspera Solutions

We also spoke to the consulting manager within Aspera Tejas Kirtane about the key challenge for a successful implementation: 

The challenge in this project was to successfully implement Epicor ERP with multiple interfaces to other applications forming a symbiotic and integrated approach whilst adhering to a pan-European blueprint of the enterprise solution. Multiple books functionality facilitated consolidation of financial transactions to report at an organisation level but also to allow the local statutory requirements to be fulfilled.

Huhtamaki logo

Company Facts:

  • Huhtamaki Group operates within 34 countries globally
  • Production of molded fiber egg packaging started in 1927 and has grown rapidly since 1979 with 11 production locations all across the globe. There European offices are located in (Northern) Ireland (1935), The Netherlands (1938), France (1960) and the Czech Republic (1993). Outside Europe, Huhtamaki has operations in Brazil (1989), Australia and New Zealand (1950) and South Africa (1955).
  • Advantages of the fiber molded products from Huhtamaki: Optimal protection, 100% recycled & 100% recyclable, Renewable resource, Local production, Compostable & biodegradable