Your business needs new systems to drive growth and productivity

– but is ERP the solution you are looking for?

Lets start by quickly defining what ERP is, and what it can do for your business.

The goal of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is to maintain and improve the flow of information through a business so that decisions can be made with real time data.  Many if not all functions within your organisation will be impacted by the implementation of an ERP solution and this is why getting the correct system is imperative.

Both Epicor and Aptean Ross ERP offer a host of benefits that include real time visibility into operations, automation, time and cost reductions, better forecasting, collaboration and data collation across both single and multiple sites.

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ERP software have modules that look after the following functions:

Financial ManagementProduction Management MRPProduct Data Management
Planning & SchedulingShop Floor OperativesSupply Chain Management
Project ManagementService ManagementGovernance, Risk & Compliance
Global Business ManagementHuman Resource Management (HRM)Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Intelligence (BI)Executive DashboardsReal Time Reporting


A key consideration is whether or not your ERP solution has to  cater for integrations to existing (non replaceable) systems (such as CAD) and as such can cause some considerable process re-engineering, retraining and change management – make sure your implementation consultants can show leadership in this area to aid your personnel to maximise the benefits of the new ERP system.

When an organisation implements an ERP solution the benefits are different for all, but the most common benefits should be: 
  • Efficiency – Removal of manual and time consuming tasks
  • Real Time Reporting – Business decisions are enabled with real time reporting resulting in “Better Business Decisions”
  • Mobility – Conduct your business anywhere
  • Improved Customer Service – streamlined processes improve customer time lines
  • Agility – business should have the ability to change with the moving global markets
  • Improved Data Security – better user permission settings keeping all sensitive information protected.

When you are building your business case for ERP we would suggest clicking on the five key areas below for the key benefits that you can apply to your organisation and the functions within:

Benefits of ERP for Management

Benefits of ERP for Operations

Benefits of ERP for Business Strategy 

Benefits of ERP for IT Infrastructure

Benefits of ERP for Organisation

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