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Case Study - Clwyd Compounders


Founded: 1979
Industry: Rapid turnover, rubber compounds manufacturer
HQ: Wrexham, Wales, UK


  • Need for strong ERP efficiency, 100% traceability, customisation and quality control.
  • Desire for real-time data access to improve efficiency, collaboration and overall responsiveness.



Epicor® ERP Version 10.1



Aspera Solutions



  •  Don’t fast track! Take time to scope everything out, make sure you are considering the needs of all stakeholders and do not allow scope creep to derail progress.
  • Refine any “wish” list of potential customisations so that it is practical, realistic and based upon potential return on investment.
  • Any investment in training in advance of your implementation, is money well spent. The greater your internal teams & key user understanding and ease with the system, the easier things will be.
  • Lean heavily of your implementation partner! Their experience should make your experience easier.
  • Aim for ERP Consultant Independence! Encouraging your internal team to upskill on ERP will decrease costs and expedite solutions over the long term.



  • Inventory management has improved to such an extent that Clwyd Compounders has reduced
    lead times by 50% and inventory by 20%,
  • Key data access has improved considerably, leading to improved search capabilities, better decision making and more effective reporting, measurement and traceability,
  • Automation has reduced the administrative workload of managers, technicians and employees.
  • The company has a platform for efficiency and growth that propels the organisation forward and supports additional growth strategies, &
  • Clwyd is doing more business with a stable headcount; increasing customers both in domestic and foreign markets and increasing overseas exports significantly.

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