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Easily Integrate & Automate Multiple Platforms with Epicor ERP and BPA Platform

Many of Aspera Solutions’ customers are adopting BPA platform for their Epicor ERP integration and automation requirements.

“We were looking for an integration tool that was easy to use, flexible and relatively inexpensive, so we liked what we saw in the BPA Platform and immediately saw that there is plenty of opportunity for BPA to deliver value within our Epicor ERP customer base,” explained Graeme Fraser, Technical Services Manager, Aspera Solutions.

“Epicor has exposed all of its functionality through RESTful API calls, which BPA Platform can easily access, so it really extends what you can do in Epicor. You can run reports, send emails, generate PDF’s or invoices, and return information back to the BPA platform, the possibilities are endless. Anything that you can receive into BPA Platform can trigger off a really complex workflow within Epicor”.

At one customer site, Aspera Solutions has used the BPA platform to upgrade a legacy eCommerce solution and enable the customer to react faster to orders, make decisions in real-time and improve customer service.

Another customer is delighted that they have been able to handle increased sales without increasing their order processing overhead. In addition, they’re giving their salespeople better visibility of what their customers are spending money on, which leads to better sales discussions and value add.

“Aspera’s knowledge of BPA Platform has come a long way in sixteen months” concludes Fraser. We’re delighted with its flexibility, the range of possibility it opens up within Epicor ERP and ultimately the value it delivers. We know that it’s making our customers lives easier, and for us, that’s gold”.

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