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Epicor ERP Implementations for Manufacturers

Why Should Manufacturers Choose Aspera to Implement Epicor ERP?

An important question when looking for an ERP system that supports your entire business is,“Why choose this solution/provider over all the others on offer?”

We asked our customers about the key factors they considered important when they choose their ERP solution.  Their answers could be summed up as follows:

  1. Vendor Experience
  2. Assessment of product and vendor
  3. Benefits
  4. Technology

So how does Aspera Solutions, Epicor’s largest partner across UK and Ireland, stack up against these criteria?

1) Vendor Experience

Aspera has decades of experience in providing full cycle ERP solutions. 

We have successfully implemented Epicor ERP in 14 countries (to date) and 4 continents.

We focus on the delivery of world class ERP solutions through local, knowledge based teams and are a multi-award winning Epicor Partner since 2001.  A key specialty is powering Epicor ERP within manufacturing  and distribution companies. 

2) Assessment of Vendor and Product

Top areas for consideration when assessing the product and vendor are displayed below when considering Aspera and Epicor ERP

3) Benefits

Implementing Epicor ERP benefits for Manufacturers

Engineer-to-order (ETO), Manufacture-to-order (MTO) Excellence 
Modern User Interfaces & AnalyticsThe Kinetic design experience delivers. a modern UX/UI, embedded trackers & dashboards, and a full suite of business intelligence and analytics tools.
Collect real time data directly from the shop floorAdvanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) improves quality, reduces scrap, boosts productivity and helps ensure on-time delivery.
Full suite ERP SolutionFinancials, HR, Manufacturing Mngt, Inventory Mngt, Purchasing Mngt, Quality Mngt, Sales Mngt.
Inventory ControlControl inventory costs with inventory and warehouse management, including handhelds and bar-coded labels/documents
Quality, Returns & RecallComplete audit trails of production process, including material lots, production process used, in process quality checks and results
Manage Multi-Site LocationsComplete support for multi-plant / multi-company environments along with a global support network to support multi-national efforts
Supply Chain CollaborationEpicor supports optimum collaboration flexibility with 100% Service-Oriented Architecture coupled with a complete ERP
Operational VisibilityEpicor is a fully integrated solution for manufacturers bringing complete visibility of all processes under one solution

4) Technology

Epicor is available both in the cloud (Kinetic) and on premise (Epicor V10X).

In recent years, Epicor has been completely revamped for todays modern, mobile workforce – delivering a superior UX/UI.

Epicor is built on native Microsoft technology platforms based on an SOA architecture and REST services.  As standard there is a Superuser toolkit allowing for the modification of the database, screen customisation/configuration and the application of localised and company based business rules and workflow.  Custom/configured changes delivered through the toolkit have no impact on the core logic of the ERP System

This allows trained superusers to take full control of the application without any risk of interrupting core business logic and also allows for all changes to upgrade with the standard application.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.