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Medical Device Companies choose Epicor ERP to drive growth

How can Epicor ERP and Aspera help Medical Device companies today?  All business have their challenges some are unique to them and others are global issues. To put things into context lets look at what is Epicor ERP and who is Aspera solutions.

When you put Epicor ERP and Aspera together a business gets flexibility, sector knowledge and partnership that does not just last for the implementation but goes beyond where we provide real and tangible business benefits.  So a little bit about Aspera; We have over 20 years experience delivering full cycle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.  We are the largest award winning Epicor partner across the UK and Ireland.  We create partnerships and provide leadership through Aspera’s core business values of Excellence, Responsiveness and Partnership which places our customers at the centre of everything we do.Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates all the business functions into one complete system and enables streamlining of processes across the entire organisation. Epicor ERP has been designed to enable growth by providing the platform for Collaboration, Choice, Responsiveness, Simplicity and Mobility


Medical device companies typically encounter at least one and usually multiples of the following business challenges. Epicor ERP and Aspera have successfully enabled our customers to resolve these challenges head on and as a result derive tangible business benefits.

A Key Benefit for all Epicor Users

Epicor is built on native Microsoft technology platforms based on an SOA architecture and REST services.  As standard there is a Superuser toolkit allowing for the modification of the database, screen customisation/configuration and the application of localised and company based business rules and workflow.  Custom/configured changes delivered through the toolkit have no impact on the core logic of the ERP System

This allows trained superusers to take full control of the application without any risk of interrupting core business logic and also allows for all changes to upgrade with the standard application.

Hope you found the above helpful for when you are selecting your businesses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.