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Ross ERP – Mobile ERP

Ross Mobile ERP is a native iPhone and Android smart device application that provides continuous, rapid access to specific ROSS ERP information. Sales personnel can review key customer information prior to meetings – or even during an appointment. 

Ross Mobile ERP can help your business especially with:

  • Negotiate Better Deals – Equip your sales personnel for success. ROSS Mobile ERP makes it simple to provide on-the-spot pricing quotes based on current customer discounts, company rebates and promotions, order dates, and location information. Sales staff can also view their customers’ financial and sales order history records.
  • Drive ERP User Adoption & Extend ROI – To reduce IT costs and ensure user adoption, Ross Mobile ERP is implemented on both the iPhone and Android smart devices. This powerful tool gives organizations the opportunity to extend the ROI they’ve realised from their ERP implementation in a cost-effective manner.