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Sencon Get 67% “More Out the Door” with Epicor Kinetic Warehouse & Aspera Solutions

“In just three months, implementing Epicor Kinetic Warehouse has led to a 67% improvement in our total part pick / putaway rates. We’re picking more parts with less people, increasing revenue, and getting more out the door, with more accuracy. Job well done, Aspera!”.

Rob Young, Operations Director, Sencon



  • Industry: Canning & Aerosol Manufacture 
  • Location: Northern Worcestershire, England, UK
  • Website:
  • 3-month project yields 67% growth in warehouse picking ability;

  • Handheld devices eradicate errors and time wasting;

  • Significant improvements to sales order processing;

  • More professional and accurate bin and part scanning validation;

  • Expedited invoicing with detailed shipping labels;

  • Improved customer service; &

  • Additional innovations in stock control through cycle counting.


Read the full case here